not all those who wander are lost

We are headed out to Ypsilanti today

The Ypsi water tower was built in 1890 at a cost of $21,435.63. Rates were based on how many faucets you had in your home, $5 for one tap, $2 for a bathtub, $1 for each cow you owned. Saloons paid $7 for a single faucet, $3 for each additional and $1 for each billiard table. (wonder why they needed water to play billiards ??)

$50 fine if you stiffed on your bill, and 90 days in the county jail.

An interesting site is a small ruin left over from the Peninsular Paper factory that used to operate on the banks of the Huron River

This bad boy was built a mere two years after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, during the Reconstruction period.

3 Responses to Ypsilanti

  • Nailhed – I totally agree. I had to go there on a photo shoot for work last year and thought the place rather charming. Ann Arbage is not so charming.

    Depot Town is featured in the Nov2nd post as well.

  • there was a time when i thought that Ypsi was just a lame, boring hillbilly town. then one day i actually drove around the place a bit, saw Depot Town, and the scads of beautiful historic houses they have. i changed my mind. its a pretty place.

  • “Taxing” saloons by the billiard table would just be an easier way to estimate how many people would be in the establishment using water. (I’m guessing)