not all those who wander are lost

An “urban garden” along Jefferson Avenue on the EastSide. Is this scarecrow somebody’s gross tribute to MLK ?

And why do these vegetables taste like lead and asbestos ?

Oh – maybe it is because of the giant blown out apartment building that is nearby, just melting into the ground.

These are/were the Yorkshire/Almarwin Apartments.

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  • I just read an article about the urban farming thing going on in Cleveland. The only difference is that abandoned buildings, etc., were razed and the land was cleaned up first. Much of the produce is sold to local restaurants and at Farmer’s Markets. Frankly, I think it’s a great idea with proper planning and execution. But yeah, there’s enough impurities to be had at the grocery store, don’t need it from the “farm” too!

  • looks like the “scream” mask from the movie, lets not give these folks credit for knowing their art history. lol. i am pretty sure that this is additional work added by a vandal.

  • Nothing like a little Munchian screamer to keep the crows away.

    Thanks for another stop on my tour list, lol.

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