not all those who wander are lost

Woodmere Cemetery

This is a rather striking portrait of somebodys dead wife. Accurate down to the mole on her right cheek.

VACANCY – no waiting !

“Nimrod Phinney”….You cant make up a name like that.

Some cool Hewbrew script on these markers

Baby Allie

4 Responses to Woodmere

  • I volunteer at Woodmere on Saturdays looking up information for people doing genealogical research. I also gave a tour on Sept. 9 and have a book, “Detroit’s Woodmere Cemetery,” published by Arcadia Publishing coming out in November. You can write me at the cemetery’s address for information regarding your family members.

  • Aram – I think it was Tuesday that I was out there. Thats the first time I took a real good look at the place – I’ll have to go back soon because it really has some amazing stuff.

  • When were you at Woodmere? I was there yesterday with my grandma. My grandpa is there, along with most of my mom’s family. We might have crossed paths…

  • I always pass the detroit cemetery’s trying to get glimpses of the tombstones from my car but I think you inspired me to get out and take a look at some of these amazing sites.