not all those who wander are lost

Taking a stroll through Woodlawn Cemetery, which is a gorgeous place year round. Always have to stop to visit “lady in a box” here.

A bit disturbing – an illusion that makes it seem that the woman has animal feet with claws. She is actually sitting in a claw footed chair. A bit strange, this photo popped out of the camera as “DSC_0666.jpg”. Hahaha ! No, Im not superstitious, but its funny.

Among my favorite gravesites, the Dodge Brothers. (Fred Smith in Elmwood is the topper. ) This is an amazingly imposing structure – and strangely occultish in its decorations.

But any occult reference is merely a schizm of modern context, it is quite traditional to adorn graves and cemeteries with Egyptian motifs, as well as Masonic and Norse imagery and symbology.

Heres a shot of the Dodge Brothers tomb in infrared. Just started playing with the IR awhile ago.

And right next to the Dodges, we have Matilda Dodge Wilson. Thats cozy: laid out for all eternity with a few of your husbands nearby.

Ever hear of Meadowbrook Hall ? That was Matildas house.

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