not all those who wander are lost

St.Thomas church – eastside. Congregation 1908, construction of this building 1921. The name is accompanied by the words “Euluth Kirche”. German for “church”.

Interesting construction on the stairs, although they made me pretty nervous being all water rotten. I am used to seeing iron stairs in this period of buildings, but they are usually half rusted through.

Flashbacks to the MC5 stairway at the Statler.. ~shivers~

Pretty standard sanctuary for this period, with the rounded stage area. Standard creepy jesus painting up behind the alter area.

I love the little Jesus by the big missing stained glass window –

He seems to be yelling to God “Who stole my window?!”

I wonder who did steal his window, that thing must have been huge.

Balcony area looks back at the missing rosette windows on the front of the building.

Matching stained glass window on the opposite side.

I love the way that huge hole looks on this structure…

Makes the building look like its yawning Hahaha !

This is the rosette stained glass in the front – sans glass.

Remaining stained glass on far side.

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