not all those who wander are lost

Back to White Chapel Cemetery – beginning with the chapel itself, constructed in 1929.

Buried and entombed here are famous folks such as John DeLorean and the incomparable Albert Kahn.

Rear view

Above the door is the Egyptian Art Deco bas relief by female sculptor (rare for that era or any for that matter) Hester Bremer

The hunting lion is my favorite section of the bas relief

The architectural treatments are understated, and could easily be missed at first glance

The corner angels are stunning

The “Window of Destiny” – From the White Chapel website: “symbolic of the eternal mystery of human life. The three center panels show the Three Fates—Clothe, who spun the thread of life; Lachesis, who took the strand and fixed its length; and Atropos, who cut it with her shears. Around these central figures are the Zodiac signs.”

Inside ? Not too shabby.

One more set tomorrow and we leave White Chapel.

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