not all those who wander are lost

Detroit chills in a cold slurpy mush of fresh water ice floes.

Canada on the horizon… hey AIW, is that the Walker Brewery there ?

Artifact from St. Cletus’ rectory offices.

I finish off a bottle of Paul Masson Brandy and hit the wild road…

Riding shotgun, I got the premo passerby shots along the tour. We struck out along the mighty Grand River for our survey.

SDA. The Seventh Day Adventist City Temple Church. These are the folks that own the Grande Ballroom currently, according to City records. The SDA is famous for its 1850 “Great Disappointment” after Jesus Christ did not return to earth in southwest Michigan as their prophesies indicated. They are infamous for spawning the SDA offshoot cult called “Students of the Seven Seals” which was ruled by Vernon Howell AKA David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas at Mount Carmel Center. The nearly 80 “Branch Davidians” were slaughtered by Federal authorities under the supervision of President William Jefferson Clinton after a botched BATF raid in 1993. Paybacks are indeed a bitch.

Grande Ballroom, adorned with ‘ORAL’. This structure is basically melted back into the earth.

Preservationists: abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Psycho Clown Daycare. Only for if you want to terrify your children.

“Freshy”. You buy em, we fry em, bitch.

University of Detroit clocktower.

Panda Wagon – for critically ill baby pandas. (hey, those things are expensive)

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