not all those who wander are lost

I went the other day to check out Visitation Catholic Church.

Walked up and started taking photos of the building from different angles….

When all the sudden I turn and see about 6 different tails wagging above the top of the weeds in the field just behind me. (this picture was taken after they were a good distance away)

I flanked them very wide and made my way out of that area completely…. Nothing worse than a large pack of ghetto dogs.

Some pretty stark landscape around Visitation, a lot of ghetto prairie with lonely structures jutting out here and there.

Like this place, located on the road behind Visitation. I figure I’ll skip the field full of ghetto dogs, and venture over to this apartment building.

“Cathedral Manor”

Annnnnd this is the last shot I took as I realized I was now about 4 feet from ghetto dog skulking in the bush … The thing looked like it used to be something like a Rottweiler.

The great beast snorted and then turned its back on me, disappearing back into the thick brush.

I accepted his mercy and got the hell out of there.

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