not all those who wander are lost

A nice relaxing stroll through your friendly neighborhood giant abandoned fresh pork slaughterhouse….. Perfect !

Company History:

Thorn Apple Valley, Inc. is a major producer of consumer packaged meat and poultry products in the United States. The company manufactures bacon, hot dogs, luncheon meats, hams, smoked sausages, and turkey products as well as numerous other products, marketing them under premium and other proprietary brand labels. The products are sold nationally to wholesalers, supermarkets, and food service operators. Thorn Apple also is one of the nation’s largest slaughterers of hogs and sells fresh pork to other manufacturers of meat and poultry products throughout the United States.

This facility was closed in 1998.

This was the first of many entry points to the buildings, and while I was in this area taking photos – I had the daylights scared out of me by a feral cat who leaped up from the railroad grade into the opening here. Probably a good 6 foot leap. But he yelled when he jumped, just like one of my cats does. Scared the crap out of me – cats can make some crazy noises. He booked into the building, and I went back to setting up tripods and such.

Classic Pikey view.

By the looks of things, at first, you might think the homeless who dwell here in the slaughterhouse meatlockers take some sort of pride in their alternative existence.

You know, then you turn around and see something like this. It looks like there was some kind of demented competition. Like horse shoes, but with feces instead.

Sorry- I had to show this photo, you just cant explain some of the things you see otherwise. Others who suffer from the strange habit of exploration know what I am talking about. The rest of you can just imagine.

Perhaps the choice of recreational substances has something to do with the lack of “tidiness” up in this beotch.

Let’s go upstairs where its a little bit cleaner…. Nice view of the Brewster Projects from here.

Man, if the walls of this old slaughterhouse could talk……. They’yd probably say “Stop painting that lame graffiti on my face and please stop shitting all over me” Hahahahaha !

Weirdness prevails in this place, and I dont even want to guess at what the functions were for the various rooms and equipment.

Back down to the basements to look for tunnels.

Here is a sign that really should be heeded. Should have been.

Over in the corner of this furnacy type room, I follow some ghetto dog tracks to this other door.

Explorer: what does thy death look like ?

One hasty step, one wrong turn, or one foolish venture into a dark underground tunnel without looking down first….

Combined with an icy open manhole and a delicate layer of snow over top….

In a place where nobody would even think of looking..

So, you know….be careful out there.

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