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The Hatcher Graduate Library

Seriously, I don’t know about these academic types, the snacks they have in their candy machine are nasty – those yellow highlighters taste HORRIBLE !


Here are the Gari Melchers murals, ‘Arts of War’ and ‘Arts of Peace’.

The two murals for the Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Building at the Chicago Exposition were Arts of War and Arts of Peace. They are characterized by the low-saturation colors, dark outlines, shallow space, and relief-like depiction of the figures often found in symbolist art. These murals now hang in the Library of the University of Michigan. De Chavannes’s influence is also seen in the murals for the Library of Congress, War and Peace, which are similar to the Chicago murals but contain more figures.

This is the Clements Library, considered by Albert Kahn to be his personal Masterpiece.

The inscription on the historical marker notes that in the final analysis of his entire career, Albert Kahn wished to be known for having designed the Clements Library above all his other work.

That is one heck of a testimony for this little structure.

Of course where you have Albert Kahn; Corrado Parducci can not be too far behind.

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