not all those who wander are lost

I was in Ferndale the other day, I noticed a small glass studio named Touch of Light. Now, Ive heard the studios name before, but somehow managed to always overlook its Ferndale local. Turns out its been there since the mid 1980’s.

So I popped in and had a great conversation with glass artist John Fitzpatrick.

Johns education is beyond impressive, from local schools such as Aquinas College, Waldorf Institute of Mercy College, Center for Creative Studies – and he also studied in Europe at Orrefors Glasskolan, in Sweden. He also worked as a glassblower in Denmark for several years. A fantastic blend of modern sensibilties and old world craftmanship.

Lets take a quick look at the studio –

The glassblowers tools


Raw glass

Glass colors, called “fritt” – this is the blowers palette.

Glass and annealing ovens. After the hot glass is blown, it must be brought down to room temperature slowly so it doesnt explode.

Here are a few samples of Johns work, but I strongly suggest you stop in and take a look for yourself, because this stuff is really wonderful.

(as always, the copyrights on my imagecopyrighted refer to my photographs, the copyrights of the artists work belong strictly to the artist)

So stop in, chat with John Fitzpatrick, and see some very amazing local art right here in the heart of Ferndale on Woodward Avenue. Its places like this that make up the culture of our region.

Support your local artists.