not all those who wander are lost

Here are the latest additions to the Detroit Demolition Disneyland project. The full DDD story can be read at TheDetroiter at this address:

The activists paint their targets with Home Depot “Tiggeriffic Orange” paint as part of a protest against undemolished structures that sit seemingly forever with no attention from local authorities.

The structures are painted bright orange to call attention to this problem – and I expect to see a great deal more as it is a high profile time with the big footyball thing coming to the city of Detroit in February.

These structures are visable from M8 near Hamilton in Highland Park.

I counted six in all. These structures are part of an abandoned subdivision that is literally blockaded and left to rot. I was unable to get too close to the furthest two structures due to a large pack of ghetto dogs whose attention I caught while trudging through the field.

4 Responses to Tiggeriffic !

  • This project is amazing! I absoulutely think it is one of the best ideas ever. The Tiggerific Orange screams “HELP ME!” This is they type of project Detroit needs to raise awareness of the increase decay of the city.

  • Nice. I like this project.

    The idea of an abandoned subdivision blows my mind.

  • I was driving Thursday with friends and saw those…since I’m the one who knows most about Detroit in my circle of friends they were all asking me but I had no clue…thanks for the info.

  • Yes indeed, I saw them on the news the other day, and drove by. Amazing, with the big ballgame coming in, the “leaders” are letting them sit as symbols. I hope they don’t keep all of the firefighters downtown, please Detroit. Peace.