now with even more funk !

The Detroit Tigers – tearin’ em up !

I think everybody who knows me understands that I am no fan of corporate sports, but even I cant deny the Detroit teams their due when they are kicking ass.

3 Responses to Tiger Town

  • omg, man…dont even get me started. this “Urban Exploring” thing is out of control.

    i mean, dont get me wrong, i remember being a noob, but holy shit, what’s next–handicap ramps into the Train Station??

    …and it’s all because of Detroitfunk!! haha

  • “i saw people’s camera flashes up in the broderick penthouse.”

    thats embarrassing. hilarious, but pathetic at the same time. its all amateurs nowadays.

  • comerica…there’s another place i just went to for the first time this month.

    and wow, what a surprise– i saw people’s camera flashes up in the broderick penthouse. nothing like being stealthy.