not all those who wander are lost

Heres the green guy and his shiny new green patina. Its cool that he got a restoration, but it takes awhile before a new patina starts looking really good. A patina is a reactive surface, and many patinas evolve over time after application.

“The Spirit of Detroit” is the most popular of the unofficial names of this piece by Marshall Fredericks. It actually has no title at all. This statue is unique in that it is the largest one piece bronze cast statue since the Renaissance. (the Statue of Liberty is not cast bronze btw. Those are hand shaped copper panels, beaten over forms to create the pieces that make up Liberty.)

The Detroit News alone gives several prices for the public commission which range from 40 to 65 thousand USD. It is important to note that Marshall Fredericks took no commission on this piece, his work was donated out of civic pride.

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