not all those who wander are lost

Like many other places, Detroit has been asked to stay home when at all possible. This makes for some lonely and unsettling scenes, although there is still some activity around town at this time. I get the sensation of an early Sunday morning, or Christmas Day, yet in downtown Detroit these days would still be bustling with various activities.

Last night at midnight, the border crossings with the nation of Canada were suspended for all but essential workers. This is the entrance to U.S. Customs, heading into the Detroit – Windsor Tunnel. No cars in line when I drive by, and I have never seen this in my lifetime.

K-12 schools were sent home last week, leaving Cass Technical High School looking like it was the middle of summer. Even then there are activities using the facilities, but not now.

The casinos also had to call it a day, as there is no way to assure peoples safety with the ongoing emergency.

The Central Business District still had a bit of activity, but nothing like a normal weekday. I saw a lady jogging and some construction people here and there.

Some of Detroit’s famous landmark restaurants are currently limited to curbside delivery services – definitely hit them up if those are your favorite places to eat. We all have to help keep things online through the economic crunch which lies ahead. They all have instructions posted on the windows or you can call ahead and ask about the procedure.

This place is normally off the hook around lunch time. Strange days.

The inexorable loneliness of the sidewalks is rather stunning in some areas.

Headed out into the neighborhoods along Grand River Avenue there are more signs of life, although this shot makes the Moor in the mural look like he is keeping a polite distance.

I normally come downtown to get rid of the sense of solitude, and to feel like a part of things. Today I felt like this blue dude, walking around holding back an occasional tear.

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