not all those who wander are lost

Some classic ads from the classic Detroit Rib joint on the West Side: The Rib House. (razed)

“University-2” telephone exchange in the phone number.

“So tender we should serve them in diapers”……YUK !

“Noonday Cocktail special” – yeah, gotta liquor up them suits before they go back to the cube farm.

By all accounts, this really was one of the best rib places ever.

2 Responses to The Rib House

  • “Kiddie Cocktail”, sometimes called a “Shirley Temple.” A lemon-lime soda with a bit of grenadine garnished with a cherry. I pounded those when I was a kid at Red Lobster when my parents were ordering Rum and Cokes (I thought they were ordering “Roman Cokes”)

    I also love that air conditioning was a selling point. Now air conditioning is expected. Unless you are visiting my house. Don’t get your hopes up.

  • What is a “Kiddie Cocktail”? Do they hand out kiddie cigars with them?