not all those who wander are lost

At this point I had walked all the way from the I-75 interchange, up to the I-94 interchange. I crossed over and headed toward Milwaukee Junction near Fisher 21 plant. I didnt go back there, but kept along the service drive going east.

Hey ORAL – theres your sign pal ! Hahaha !

Here is the map for this leg of the journey.

Yeah, Im walking along and all the sudden my sidewalk goes down into an expressway ramp and onto I-94 !!!! WTF !

Ohwell….Lessee where it goes. ( dont do this ! )

The other side of the KNOW HIVAIDS billboard is this shiny casino ad. This used to be a sign with running totals of how many cars rolled out of Fisher 21.

Yeah, so now I am walking across I-94 alongside traffic on the overramp at rushhour. I was moving faster than the cars or I wouldnt have – but I hiked across I-94 on the ramp. Bad idea anyway – its longer than it seems in a car. Probably a quarter mile hike.

Great view of the Incinerator from up on the highway – this is where Detroits garbage is burned and fed back to Detroiters and unwitting (unwilling) Canadians through their lungs.

HEY NOW – a little Dioxin never hurt ANYONE.

Man, smells like garbage juice here…

This is the Grand Trunk line that runs to Eastern Market several miles in the distance. Keep going and it turns into the St Aubin rail ditch, and that has its terminus at the Detroit River to the south.

I finally get off the damn expressway and walk down the ramp. Greeted by my pals the Jackets at every turn…

I headed under the bridge to hide out for awhile and camped under the expressway I just traversed. One of the dumbest things Ive done for sure – and dudes, I am a first class dumbass.

“dFUNK was here”

I sat here and rested for the last leg of my journey – back to the Gratiot bus route. Several miles of pure ghetto neighborhood separated me and the bus line, but I was up to the task.

As I emerged from under the bridge, I pondered for a moment the Ahee jeweler sign, and wondered who the hell around here is buying Ahee Rolex watches ?

I hiked through the St. Stanislaus district, centered by a fallen Polish Catholic church, now a Baptist church and battered womens shelter. This was the original Polish neighborhood in Detroit, long before Hamtramck.

Ghetto memorial marker. These things are wretched and pathetic at first glance. We look, we laugh. But Pedro has been collecting photos of these for a few years now, and has even talked to people who tend to them afterwards. Well those conversations put a human face on these things that make them not funny at all. This is the stuff of real life raw human suffering and mourning. Every one of these markers represents a murdered loved one – many times “domestic” homicides. Sort of a different version of the roadside memorials you see on highways when someone crashes and dies.


Musta ran away with ORAL SEX !

Now I am hiking at a stepped angle through the hood, moving towards the bus line on Gratiot.

This is a cool blown out shell – its decorated by world famous artist Tyree Guyton. This isnt too far from the Heidelberg Street project.

For more of Tyree and Heidelberg, check his website

Former “19th Hole”

A little ESAU inside

Across from that is a very amusing little church that is now toasted. Another ongoing Pedro project is to document all manner of religious structures. We both shot this one a while back before the signage fell on the ground.

The infamous “KEP OFF”

Rodeo and Oral

Hey Pedro – heres the signage !

Across the cross street is another Tyree Guyton piece – a Rosa Parks bus. The actual bus (reconstruction) is now on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. The actual Rosa Parks is on display at the condo development right on the river next to downtown.

Believe me when I say, this bus was the easiest bus I had to catch all day. Heh.

Here is where I emerged on Gratiot at the bus line. YAY ! Or so I thought…..

Heres a map of the entire trip.

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