not all those who wander are lost

Midtown is pretty funny, a little nicer than some areas, but it is decorated with the everyother blighted store look.

But I did spot a veeeeery cool leftover “dancing” neon sign

“bittersweet” indeed… closed for business is more like it. Heh.

“BUSHS GARDEN OF EATING” – insert own joke here ____________ .

I ducked back in an alley for more refreshments and to poke around. Here I found yet another splendid “humans nest” Look – I understand needing to live on the street. I can understand severe alcohol addiction and all that. What I cant understand is shitting right on the wall where you sleep !

No. That aint right, man.

An interesting and very old steam tunnel fixture – (Hey Raven and NorthvilleTunnels guyz) this is specifically to vent the steam access tunnels that run below the City. There should be many more of these, because the steam oft bursts up just anyplace it needs to through pavement or whatnot. It is not unusual to see steam gushing from innumerable locations.

The Majestic Theater and Magic Stick pool hall/bowling alley etc.

I felt like slumming it so I stopped at the midtown McDonalds for a “hamburger”. Wellllll……For somereason Mr. dFUNK was not able to get served in this line of people. I waited in line right at the counter while they proceeded to ignore me and wait on anyone else. I didnt fuss – I am a stranger here. I did give the door a pretty good kick with my steel toed boot on the way out. I was hungry dammit not a time for “social paybacks”…

Whatever – I headed toward a Churchs Chicken down the road. (okay okay okay – Pedro already warned me about that afterwards)

Churchs tried to feed me uncooked chicken, which I flung back in “Omars” face on my way out. Nice.

I ended up on Wayne State University campus getting a Subway sandwhich. No problems – good sandwhich. I was on my way again.

Passing the DIA. (Detroit Institute of Arts) The DIA is getting a huge makeover….

The DIA has a temporary exhibit of its “greatest hits”. Black dude is named “Art” and is part of their current ad campaign.

The Park Shelton building, formerly Park Shelton Hotel, soon to be – you guessed it….Lofts. For a city which claims a population of about 950,000 (my estimate is something more like about 600,000. Census workers are all full of shit government leeches.) developers seem to think Detroit really needs about 1 million expensive loft condominiums. Id love to buy one – but honestly I cant afford to live in Detroit because simply dont make enough money. Strange.

I head down Kirby to dETROITfUNKs alma matter College for Creative Studies. I am actually an alum of CENTER for Creative Studies, which was the incarnation before the current arrangement. Nonetheless, it is always interesting to vist this place. Makes me happy, sad, nostalgic – all sorts of conflicting emotions.

Mostly its fun to wander around the school looking at all the art, and all the unreasonably gorgeous little art chicks.

I met my xgirlfriend and Mrs dFUNK in this Daedalus Maze of higher learning….

the CCS foundry where Mrs dFUNK spent millions of hours working. See – I am a painter, and I was taught the old school (Arts and Crafts) methods of painting handed down from Sarkis Sarkisian through my mentor Richard Jerzy.

Mrs. dFUNK on the other hand is a sculptor, glassblower and jeweler. So she welds TIG, MIG, and oxyacetylene, works in steel and bronze and carved wood or monumental size.

So shes the badass, and I paint pretty flowers and landscapes. Hilarious.

This is where we learned to paint and had our studio critiques.

“Crits” were a process of having you pour your heart and soul (if you had those) into your work, and then presenting it to the whole studio group. After that, your friends and comrades and professors would proceed to tear your heart out and dance all over it.

Fun stuff.

For all of you who think Simon on American Idol is mean for giving honest and constructive critisism to all those awful singers, you are full of shit. Americans are pansy asses who want everyone to say everything is wonderful no matter what.

I would rather have people dance on my stupid heart than be like that.

This was Richards painting room.

Some cool student work. Its amazing how many fantastically talented kids come through here.

The typical tripped out CCS stairwells. A William Kessler design of extreme nonfunctionality – the CCS “tinkertoy building” may look neato on the outside, but inside it is a flippin mess.

An art school with no ventilation = people dropping dead of cancer. You cant even open the windows in this building !!! We always would grumble about making old man Kessler work in his crap ass building to see how he likes breathing the fumes and wandering a vast disjointed hamster “habitrail” all day. Pblah.

In a bit of drunken folly one night, my friends and I dropped 5 pound blocks of Government butter down the stairwells.

Back out on the road I headed back to the Park Shelton to poke around in there. The lobby isnt the same, and theres no way past the security desk to explore any of the building. As it should be – but i was just looking around.

The half destroyed Park Shelton mural – now partially obscured by a “buy some damn expensive lofts” sign.

The image is a large pixelated view of Midtown looking up Woodward. The idea is that as you aproach Midtown coming from New Center area, youd see the mural from a distance and it would read as one image of the Midtown Woodward Corridor.

Looks like a bunch of squares to me – but a cool idea anyway.

I make my way into what used to be known as the “Art Centre” neighborhood. Detroit is divided into groups of neighborhoods with a wide variety of names. Many have fallen out of usage.

Look at this apartment buildings windows. Crazy man.

Crazy ass kids sculpture plaything..

Old carriage house along John R. Street that looks like its municipal storage or WSU storage now.

And across the street is one of my favorite “monster nibbled” buildings. Lets head that way – shall we ?

Very blown out set of apartment buildings. Nice FARS tag back there though.

Hey now – someones getting some action round here….Crazy college kids.

This is crazy, this one stretch on Brush Street still has ancient street lights, and the poles are made from lathe turned wood.

These things are crazy old….

Ro De O ! This kid is my favorite graphic artist in Detroit, hands down. Ahhhh – the other Jackets are all pretty good, its a close race – but Rodeo consistently blows my mind with his off the wall hilarious images.