not all those who wander are lost

So I set off on an incredibly stupid journey the other day. Last Thursday I was home and had no car, but decided to head downtown anyway. I live in the Grosse Pointe area which is just northeast of Detroit. I had to hoof it a few miles down 8 Mile Road to Gratiot to get to the first bus stop.

Further along 8 Mile, I notice that for some reason on this stretch the 8 Mile Road signs have shamrocks…..Hmmm. No idea why.

After considerable effort I capture a bus ride and cruise the long stretch down Gratiot. I figured because I was new to the detroit bus scene I just wasnt hip to “how to catch a bus”. Hmmmmm…..

Well I took the route down to Gratiot where it crosses I-75 at Eastern Market and I got out. I think thats St. Josephs (?) in the back. Its a German Catholic Church, and it overlooks the St. Aubin rail ditch.

Here is a map of the first leg of the journey.

I headed around the corner and towards Eastern Market.

Just gotta laugh at this sign every time….‘he said “nuts” …

HERE IS THE MAP for where I started out from Eastern Market.

I bought an outrageous $2 bottle of soda at the corner store in Eastern Market and I was on my way. I walked along the service drive over to the crosswalk that goes over I-75 heading into downtown.

Here I stopped for a photo – but somebody else decoded it was a great place to shit. Just one of many I encountered on this day.

View looking downtown from the bridge.

I made my way through Brush Park past the really nasty looking BATF offices on Brush. The bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is a left over from ancient american history – they were originally a huge “vice squad” known now as the “Untouchables” responsible for enforcing Prohibition. In later years they have struggled to keep existing even though they have no real purpose other than sucking up tax dollars.

These days BATF is a glorified bomb squad.

After heading through Brush Park I stopped at the Motown Office buiding on Woodward for a few minutes and some refreshments. I walked around in there for awhile, and then headed back out towards the Cass Corridor.

A little north of the Motown Building (Donovan Building) is two abandoned skyscrapers called “HarborLight”. This was or may still one day be turned into homeless shelters of some facility – now its just a hulking junkie hangout.

I popped in to say hello – but this place is to nasty even for me. I hightailed it on my way after some quick shots of the lobby interiors.

Hey – anyone lose a blue car ? I found it !

On the left is the creepy Eddystone Hotel building. This is Harborlight Center.

Walking up Cass Avenue I am greeted with familiar sites sounds and stenches. This poor little guy isnt playing possum – he is flatlined…Sorry little white dude, but you are in a better place now anyway.

Ahhhh….This brings me past our favorite neighborhood “Chinatown”. I didnt need pet food, so I kept on walking.

Somebody fropm a nearby neighborhood group took me to task for my comments about “Chinatown” in an earlier post. They challenged me to come back and check out what its all really about before I judge.

Well, Im sorry…it still resembles a crazyass shithole.

I headed back to Woodward from Cass and passed this amusing old Michigan Bell Telephone sign. They had to break up Bell Telephone because it was a bad monopoly. Boy that really helped us all out, now didnt it ?


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