not all those who wander are lost

Ah yes, General Kosciuszko welcomes you and your dollars to MGM Grand Casino ! The Polish National was originally famous for saving George Washingtons ass during the American Revolution, but now he is reduced to being a casino greeter.

And hey, who could think of anything better for a poverty stricken struggling downtown area while trying to revive a city ? A casino ! !

One ? How about THREE ! The New Big Three.

My what big Christmas balls they have here at MGM…

The Book Caddy is still in its messy attempt to be reborn. Gotta admit, I never thought this one would make it. Of course, thats not to say that it wont be adandoned again 8 years after it reopens. Without repairing the climate that caused the Book and the Stat to fail initially, who is to say ?

Time ticks away for the abandoned Tiger Stadium. After auctions and looting, it still doesnt seem clear what her fate will be.

I guess nobody could figure out how to convert the stadium into lofts. “Comerica Lofts”…

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