not all those who wander are lost

Yesterday I headed back out through the various Pointes, after a bit of research I found a few locations I needed to go back to.

Just before I reached Lake Shore Drive I was brutally attacked by a kamikaze Red Winged Blackbird ! He swooped down from a huge tree and nailed me right in the back of the head with an impressive amount of force. He flew over to a new perch and sat there bitching at me.

#@?%& ! !

Damn bird.

What, do the Grosse Pointers train their birds to attack outsiders or something ?? LMAO

I hung out on the forbidden shores of Lake Saint Clair for a moment to regroup and rehydrate. Last few days have been less than hospitable weatherwise – temps around 90 degrees F with an unreasonably high level of humidy and an equally over the top dewpoint. Ugh.

This is the view of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club from where I sat.

I headed down the shoreline following Lake Shore Drive (aka Jefferson)

I wanted to check out the Grosse Point War Memorial, which is next to the GP Memorial Church featured earlier.

Pretty cool cast ironwork on this sign

The Russell A. Alger house – named “The Moorings” by Alger. This Alger was the son of the Russell Alger who was Governor of Michigan. Alger Jr. was one of the founders of the Packard Motor Car Company.

Designed by architect Charles A. Platt, Landscape architect was Ellen Shipman. Built in 1910 in an Italian Renaissance style.

Alger lived on this estate until he died in 1930.

From 1936 until 1948 The Moorings was home to the branch museum of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The property was donated in 1949 to the Grosse Pointes and was deeded to the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Association.

Okay, now THATS a lion statue !!

If you can afford a pair of these bad boys to guard your entryway, THEN you are “wealthy”….LOL

Lay off those cast cement pieces of crap Pointers, they are no more “classy” than one of those cement gooses that people put on their porch and dress in different costumes.