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The Honerable Mayor Kenneth Cockrel Jr.

Folks, this man could be the answer to years of problems. I believe the City finally is going to have a chance at a REAL renaissance.

Things are about to get really interesting.

3 Responses to The Mayor of Detroit

  • Cockrel is not implicated in any financial scandal that I am aware of, and he is not a target of the fbi investigation.

    as far as ‘trusting’ – no. you dont trust politicians – you entrust them with the office, and then you scrutinize their every movement.

    trying to be optimistic, but the realities here are pretty hardcore.

  • He’s implicated in a couple of financial scandals (allegedly anyway). I wonder if Freeman Hendrix will run for mayor again next year. Damn!!! I never though I would miss Archer!! LOL

  • don’t trust him.

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