not all those who wander are lost

Heres a few images from the Russell Keeter show now up at CPOP. This is from the CCS VIP opening on Thursday.

Many of Keeters images are very Salvador Dali-esque. However, it is essential to remember that aside from Dali’s famous surreal imagery, he was absolutely a master painter. Also contained in Keeters images are many references to medieval and early american circus performers. These two influences are no mistake, having studied in Sarsota at the Ringling School of Art in Florida, Russell was near both the Salvador Dali museum, as well as the Ringling Brothers Fine Art Museum. The Ringling Bros. Museum is on the grounds of the brothers summer home on the west coast of Florida- where many folks like Hemingway, Ford and Edison also had summer homes. Next to the Ringling Brothers home and Museum is the Ringling Brother Circus Museum. There is no question that these elements had a sustained impact on the compositions Keeter created all the way to the end of his career.

The Thursday opening was like a CCS family reunion, with people from many of the various generations of alumni. We all had a great time seeing each other and talking our heads off.

CPOP is still a bad place but we had fun anyway.

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