not all those who wander are lost

More lofts, more lofts – springing up like mushrooms !

This new set is being born on, I think, Second Street in New Center.

This is how the newly prepped building is looking today.

Lets take a look at this pair of buildings two years ago.

The warehouse end of the structure seemed to have been some type of cut flower business in its last incarnation.

Furnace room

Upstairs we find several humans nests – makeshift living areas…. See, peeps had the idea to make these abandoned buildings into lofts years ago. They just lacked funding.

And sanitary conditions….

Interesting views from this place – mostly post industrial.

Some obscured views of Mr. Kahn’s handy works.

Exterior design work courtesy of Eggs/Money.

Now back to how it all looks today –

An interesting partly covered sign, now uncovered – this is on the side of the warehouse building.


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