not all those who wander are lost

Rapper “Proof” who played “L’il Tic” in Eminems “8MILE” movie was responsible for Marshall Mathers ever stepping on stage. In a fit of irony, he died here on 8 Mile Road in Detroit after proclaiming himself “King of Detroit”.

This is the notorious “CCC” club on East 8 Mile Road where Proof was shot to death, allegedly in response to having shot an unarmed man in the forehead at point blank range. Details are still rather sketchy. CCC is on 8 Mile Road, one block north of Carlisle Street, and next to the MEGAPAWN.

A rather odd memorial to the rap star on a nearby telephone pole – I dont have any idea what this green thing is.

Proof was buried in historic Woodlawn Cemetery on Woodward Avenue.

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