not all those who wander are lost

THE ISLAND opens in theaters on Friday – parts of the film were shot in Detroit locations. In the movie these will appear as post-apocalyptic portions of Los Angeles. How flattering.

Several downtown locations as well as the abandoned Michigan Central Station and Zug Island were used in the film.

These first few shots are from filming along Fort Street in the business district of downtown.

Buildings were “made up” to fit in the film


Fake futuristic mass transit was added to the streets

The “URA HAZARD 4lmao

Boom operated camera

Fake mass transit on Fort Street (Detroit has no real mass transit)

“Spring Street” station – lol

Some lady (who I thought was going to ask me for change) saying “sorry, this is a closed set”..Yeah- sorry my ass, lady – too bad.

The next few days will have more THE ISLAND imagecopyrighted of other locations, vehicles, chase scene shots, helicopters etc.

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