not all those who wander are lost

Went up and stayed on Mackinac Island for the holiday, at the beautiful Grand Hotel.

This porch was designed by an 18 year old Albert Kahn, while working for the Mason and Rice firm.

Dated manhole cover “March 19, 1889” – Stuart Brothers, Detroit, Michigan.



Now, a lot of the food in the dining room was very nice fine dining stuff.

But I have to say I was not quite down with some of the local “delicacies”

Butterflies on lumps of creamery butter ? Okay, whatever…when in Rome, I guess. I do have to say, once you get going, it is hard to eat just one…

[fine, Im just joking – no butterflies were eaten during my stay at the Grand…lol]

This was the view from our room.

One must watch one’s step around these fine hotels….

More from Mackinac Island in the next few posts.

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