not all those who wander are lost

The “El Moore” in Midtown. A really nice structure with Moorish and Gothic influences, complete with Romanesque crenelated em-battlements.

Since the first time I took photos here, it looks like they are rehabbing or at least mothballing the place.

While I was taking photos, this lady walked by with a young boy. The boy was cute so I said “hi” to him. He was shy, and his mother made him say hello.

Out of nowhere, another woman starts yelling at me “hey white man, why you talkin to that black boy?” Oh jeez. Well this lady (above) walks up and starts chewing me out for speaking to an african american boy, because i am “white”. NIce…. I just kept taking my pictures and talking to her – what a character.

She explained that she was actually “Sug Night” [ Kevin adds: The character in The Color Purple was actually named “Sug Avery” ] from the movie The Color Purple. She also explained that they filmed that movie in the El Moore. Huh ? So I explained to her that Sug Night was a character played by an actor. She kept on ramblin – “what song do I sing white man ? – Sing it to me white man”. Then she explained how in the south her people called white men “peckerwoods”. Real nice.

THEN she starts asking for money. Hilarious. Way to warm me up.

Eventually she rambled on her way. Harmless, but what a trip !

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