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10 Responses to The Detroit Housing Apocalypse

  • Hey Dennis –

    Well, there is a lot going on for your side of the state that just cant happen here. The Amway / Blackwater U.S.A. (now called “Xe”) families for one. We have a few billionaires on this side, but nothing compared to the folks who own most of your region.

    In the City of Detroit, the Benevolent Billionaires have indeed done quite a bit of development. Unless you saw the Detroit Tigers at Tiger Stadium, you were sitting in one of the major new developments in the downtown area – Comerica Park. That sits across from the newly renovated and restored Fox Theater, and down the block from the new Ford Field football facility. That all sits on a newly rebuilt M-1 Woodward Corridor.

    Thing is, this is all an island of development in a city that is otherwise completely destroyed. Had you ventured just a few streets away from the three casinos, or the new sports facilities – well, you can see those areas here on this site.

    Yes, it can be depressing. And yes, I think quite a bit about exactly what I chose to show in photographs of the city. There are so many websites that focus strictly on development, downtown, nightlife and clubs.. (i call those cheerleaders, and i do think they are important) Recently I have decided that people all around Michigan, the USA and elsewhere in the world need to understand exactly what condition this area is in.

    BTW – I have relatives in Zeeland, so I hang out on your side whenever possible; an absolutely lovely region.

  • Very telling indeed! I live in Grand Rapids, MI and see a small spot of this in places, although definitely not even close to the same level. On the same note, we’re experiencing a large amount of urban renewal, housing rehab, and with the now 12 or so year old Van Andel Arena downtown, an amazing positive turnaround of old buildings, businesses and renaissance zones. Recently, my friend and I went to a Tigers game and I had to ask why isn’t there even a hint of such activity here? Downtown Detroit is full of vacant real estate. It’s a shame to say the least.
    Sorry to be long winded. Just want to add that I’m absolutely fascinated with detroitfunk. Excellent stuff!

  • I can’t say that what is going on here in FL compares to that in the Metro-Detroit area. In contrast its a new problem to here whereas in Detroit it has been happening for at least a generation. The housing situation here was driven largely by speculation and over anticipation of demand. I live in the Ft. Myers area and the housing market prior to the crash was rated 2nd or 3rd, as the most over-inflated housing market in the country behind Naples FL. I find that Detroit concentrates the social and economic issues that are effecting the entire nation. More people need to pay attention. In other words excellent vid.

  • Great video, underreported story. When the media spoke of the “lid coming of of America’s dirty secret of New Orleans”; I thought of DetroitFunk.

  • dfunk, I already love your stuff but this is the best so far. Have you sent it to any elected officials yet? I second what Matt says, I live in FL too and the empty condos are too many to count.

  • Great work! Dramatic. It gets to the heart of the matter simply and susinctly.

  • That was scary. Good job!

  • Very well done! Comparing the boat carcass photo with Katrina made quite an impact.

  • I don’t even live in a metro area and what you posted in the vid is happening here in FL. Except replace the houses built from the 40’s and 50’s, to here where the houses have never been lived in because of investor speculation. Right now these brand-new houses sit empty, slowly people are picking off the A/C units and water filtration systems. Though I have yet so see interior scrapping, I’m sure it might not be far away.

  • Excellent Vid. Sad but true.

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