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The demolition of Tiger Stadium resumed today, after a last minute injunction and then a judges decision. To put it simply, Tiger Stadium is worth more to the City of Detroit dead than it would be if left to stand. At least in the immediate future.

“more vision less demolition”. . . .yeah, but what is the scrap value of “vision” ?

Torn up protest signs

2 Responses to The Death of Tiger Stadium

  • remember the Uniroyal Plant? the Tuller Hotel? these brownfields have been sitting in even MORE prime locales than Tiger Stadium, and have not seen the slightest bit of action since they were torn down over a decade ago.

  • What an incredibly stupid waste. And for what? Another nice big vacant lot? What the hell sort of “progress” is that? I actually thought that the Navin Field idea was inspired, a good way to save at least the oldest part of a place many people loved, and to put it back into productive use. That sign really says it all: “more vision less demolition.” Unfortunately, the city government’s buddies don’t make any green off of “vision.”

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