not all those who wander are lost

The shell of the great Livingstone home is now part of Detroit’s lost history.
Let’s take one last look at Slumpy as she fades into the night.

Rest easy ol’ girl.

13 Responses to THE DEATH OF SLUMPY

  • Week after week my family and I drove by to visit our old friend “slumpy” to see how she/he was doing. We’re all sad to see her go…and the responsible people who moved her in the first place should feel shamed. As we can all see, so many of the houses in Brush Park have been saved and are one of a kind historical houses. If “Slumpy” was only moved properly…she would still be shining!!

  • I feel sad that so many of the old houses are falling apart or being demolished. My grandmother actually grew up on a farm on Six Mile and Conant, where Jospeh Campau intersects. It used to be the country there and it was also part of Highland Park. I spend many days in that wonderful old house after it was surrounded by the city. Now, it’s a parking lot. So sad. I was not old enough to buy and save it.

  • So sad! I’m going to miss Slumpy.

  • does anyone know where i can get a salvaged piece?

  • What a shame…poor slumpy, I guess she never stood a chance. Unbelievable that no one in the City thought this was important enough to save. Makes me want to cry…

  • RIP Slumpy

  • Aw, so sad. I’ve had to keep looking at these photos just to believe it really happened. What great and (startlingly) vivid photos. Thanks for the memories of ol’ Slumpy, dFUNK.

  • Does the term “architectural salvage” ring a bell with anyone? What a bloody waste!
    Thanks for documenting another snapshot of decline…very touching.

  • Well done on getting these photos. Sad day.

  • A bummer for sure.

    I posted a little eulogy over on Absolute Michigan today with a link over here and to some other slumptacular stuff.

  • Poor Old Slumpy. It’s a real shame. Despite her dilapidated condition, I’m still a little shocked that she’s actually gone.

  • Can you post the link or the key words to the video on youtube? I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

  • That’s a shame…I remember that there was a fraternitythat promised to have her renovated after she was moved to the last location.