not all those who wander are lost

Okay, lemme just say this. Kwame is going to win big. Crazy ? Maybe – but thats the dFUNK prediction.

Nobody can get the pulse of Detroit citizens from watching local news and reading the local paper – its not possible. You have to get out there on the streets and check it our for yourself. Kwame will be the man.

Maya Angelou – yeah she rocks, but does anybody know anything other than the “Rise” poem ? Shes got amazing work – check it out.

Heres a VERY cool old fire house on the EastSide along East Grand Boulevard.

Heres another fire house, except it has long since been converted to something else. This one is in Milwaukee Junction.


More like Operation “For Lease” currently.

CN moving through Milwaukee Junction over Hastings Street

“5,700 or best offer”

I guess the “best offer” was less than anticipated

Heyo ! Its a blimp !