not all those who wander are lost

The infamous Brewster Projects, an iconic part of old Detroits skyline. Original home of Motown Records star Diana Ross.

I have to ask, at a time when they cant seem to demolish Tiger Stadium fast enough, how could such a massive set of structures be left so blown out for so long. This is not a priority for demolition ? ? ?

At least the perimeter is secure…

2 Responses to The Brewster Projects

  • … at least that block still has most if its fence. The block to the north has even had the fence around it stripped.

  • actually, some of them were occupied a month or so ago. they just look like that now because the scrappers have been working like crazy in there. I went through the high rises and low rises last week. there was still produce in some of the refrigerators.

    there was a crew of at least 12 scrappers taking out the low rises. white guys with nice trucks. this was last friday. I doubt there’s anything left.