not all those who wander are lost

Dr. Karl and I took the climb up into the bell tower so he could show me the set of bells – look at this beauty. 1902. MC Shane Bell Foundry, Baltimore, Maryland. This is one of three.

This is the clapper.

Here is the iron bracket that holds the wooden wheel that allows the bells to swing when the ropes are pulled. Henry McShane Manufacturing Company, Baltimore, Maryland.

It was a long climb to the top up a very small stair case, having to duck through little cubby holes along the way. No wonder Quasimodo was a hunchback !

Yeah, and it was just a little bit cold up there too. These are the individual ropes to ring each bell, sounding a different tone.

Here is the view of the roof rafters just above the sanctuary looking front to back.

I didn’t have good enough lighting and time to make decent images up there this time, but you can get the idea of the massive superstructure that holds the plaster sanctuary ceilings and walls up, as well as the copper roof.

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