not all those who wander are lost

Its that time of year again – Comerica Tastefest in the New Center area in the shadow of the Fisher Building.

Easy to find with lots of clear signage

Can you say BBQ BEOTCH ?

Hot sauces up the wazoo !

Holy crap was this thing freakin me out – LOL

Okay folks check out a local art legend Mark Arminski.

Nothing but good times great smells and fun shit to do.

Anybody tries to tell you that Downtown or New Center are “dangerous” please slap them in the head for me.

3 Responses to TASTEFEST 2005

  • Hah(LOL), no don’t worry, I’ve been typing up a storm today and didn’t proofread my post. Meant to say it in the singular as well. For one person, you cover a lot of ground, thanks. :)

  • Thanx Dbazaar!

    1.) I am one person

    2.) I am going to assume “originanals” was a typo and not an anal sex joke ! LMAO….

    wait, make that LOL instead…

  • Hey, I saw that Detroit funk shirt at the Pure booth and wondered. Hell, you should think about something like that, I’d buy one ;). Anyway, publicity is publicity in whatever form indeed- we consider you the origianals.