not all those who wander are lost

Why is Arnold Ziffle looking so nervous ? ? Because its TASTEFEST TIME ! Hes afraid of being converted to a Comericameat sandwhich …..heh.

[ Randall adds: I completely disagree with your comment about the food being “god-awful expensive” and your assessment of the quality of the festival’s line-up. First, where else can you see over 60 national and local acts on 4 stages for free? Over the years we have brought in Jet, Wilco, Cake, All American Rejects and more. Our talent line up continues to receive local and national recognition as one of the best free festival line-ups anywhere.

Secondly, in regards to the food prices. You will not pay for then $7.80 for a meal at the Comerica TasteFest and this year each vendor was required to have “taste” sizes of the offerings for 5 tickets or less. I challenge you to find a restaurant that serves the quality and the quantity of food that we do for less. You cannot go into a bar today for a burger and fries for less than that and when you add it all to the free music, it is a bargain.

Finally, every dollar that is raised at the Comerica TasteFest goes right back into the neighborhood. I urge you to check out to see the types of things that New Center Council does.]

Mmmmmmm….Comericaeggs ?

“Good Lord God Almighty My Heart Hurts Burgers”

Heres why that little piglett is looking so nervous – the baby backs !

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