not all those who wander are lost

This day I was headed out to a place called Eloise. A former poor house, a former mental asylum, and a former tuberculosis sanatorium. It is located in the historic and godforsaken city of Wayne. The hillybilly town that time forgot.

Check out this website about Eloise with more complete data.

All that remains of structures on the Eloise grounds are four buildings, a powerhouse with the infamous smokestack that reads “ELOISE”, a bakery building, one administration building, and a firehouse. The rest of the grounds were sold off for a gold course and a supermarket plaza. On the northernmost part of the grounds in the new Walter Ruether State Psychiatric Hospital. (It is forbidden by law to walk on those grounds for good reason.)

The area I went to once held some of the larger buildings in the complex. There are parts of roads and foundations and parking lots left in the fields there.

In the huge expanses of fields are piles of debris from the plowed under buildings.

Torn up sewer tunnel entryways.

Glazed pipeworks still strewn about. I collected as array of various porcelien, slate, marble, glazed tile, sandstone fragments etc from the old buildings.

While I was out there, I did some looking around in the city of Wayne. This area is the final jet fuel dumping grounds for incoming airliners landing at DTW. Man, I gotta think that the children who grow up here under the constant mist of expelled jet fuel must all be crazy as shithouse rats.

Yeah – look at this fine vehicle. I felt like I was touring Tennessee in this subdivision.

Heres the new I-94 welcome arch thing they are slapping up for the SuperBowl 06 game, to welcome people to Detroit who land at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and drive the expressway into the city.

Anything you may see coming into Detroit from the airport is being prettied up just for passers through. Just dont stray off onto other roads and expressways, or you’ll get the shock of your life. Michigan has not only the worst economy and the worst unemployment of all 50 States, but by far we have the worst roads in the nation.

Vote for Kwame dammit – or I’ll shut off your damn fireworks !

9 Responses to Tales of Eloise

  • Eloise is actually in Westland, just across the street (merriman) is Wayne. just being testicle, I mean technical.

  • Hi Nicole – yeah, I was “visiting” one of your neighbors that day which is what brought me to Wayne.

  • that bus is on my street (the last picture)! good ol’ ghetto wayne.

  • The ‘football’ structure cost millions and is uglier than shit. And they are laying off fire fighters and police. OHHHHH this makes sense…..

  • I think the school bus could really use a nice set of spinning rims…

  • “crazy as a shithouse rat” is indeed brilliantly evil, but I will have to defer credit to where I heard it first:

    Not sure if she has a blog up anymore, but nobody could sling a zinger like that chick.

  • Welcome to Michigan. That “arch” cost some dollars to build, you’d think a better welcome would be to pave some of the other roads. Waste of money, and I can see it now when out of towners see it on their way in to town- “What the hell is that thing?, it’s ugly”. Heh.
    Peace from DetroitBazaar, keep up the good work.

  • Don’t be making fun of school bus racing until you’ve tried it.

  • “crazy as shithouse rats”

    LOL, I’ve never heard that expression before. I plan to use it often.

    What is the aesthetic purpose behind those purple jungle gyms going up to greet the visitors? They look really pointless and ugly.