not all those who wander are lost


WOW – I do NOT think I want the kind of change that is displayed in this “portrait” !

What did they do to his eye ?!

Only in Detroit ? Dunno – are you folks out and around the USA having such a hard time keeping copper pipes and wiring attached to buildings ? No, these are not abandoned buildings, and very often it is not dead electrical wires that they steal. The scrappers will try to steal even hot electrical wiring that is in full operating service. This some times causes the scrapper to “pop”, which can make a considerable mess.

“Top Hat” = old school slider restaurant shaped like a white boxy castle, hence the more recent store chain.

Batman and the Joker – okay, strictly from a marketing standpoint, Batman makes me want to eat pizza…… why again ?

If you are experiencing the problem illustrated above, than this business has the solution you are looking for……

The “Dawn Patrol” alarm unit.

Any ideas what this place is/was about ?

Is it Cadillac proper, or an older incarnation of the company before the brand ?

Just the same name ?

One of the various designs for “please do not burn my house down” posters that are plastered on everything in the City.

Yeah, I imagine there are plenty of arson crimes that originate from the rabble, or the chemical dependents, or the homeless. But if I was a betting man, I would say that 95% of all arson in Detroit is insurance fraud perpetrated by the owners.

Seems like the Grosse Pointe Baptist Church aint been around in a while to see their little park thing.


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