not all those who wander are lost

Classic miniature ghetto dog..

Standard sized average ghetto dog..

Refurbishing the spire on St. Josephs German Catholic church.

Damn, I do not envy the guys who did this job !

Detroit Life Building – no signs of life yet.

The Book Cadillac – has a new deal, but no signs of life yet.

Former YMCA building on Fort and the Boulevard, totally getting stripped. Looks like somebody has plans for the building, which is good news.

Nonetheless scrappers were nibbling away at the carcass when I took these photos.

Evening hours in Woodbridge. They are having the Woodbridge Summerfest on August 12th:

http://summerfest2006.blogspot .com/

3 Responses to Sunsets and Ghettodogs

  • That’s actually not a YMCA, but the Salvation Army’s Booth Memorial Hospital. It was one of many set up across the US back in the days when umwed teenage motherhood was taboo and the girls from proper families were sent to facilities such as Booth, the Daughter’s of Charity’s Marillac homes, or Florence Crittenton homes to have their babies and then put them up for adoption. Usually under the pretense of visiting out of town relatives or some such thing.

    I was a resident of that building there back in the early 80s and it actually changed the direction of my life from being the homeless , pregnant street kid that I was at the time into the person I am today. A parent of two wonderful kids (the oldest of which was born during my residency there)with a great life and I can never forget the staff of that marvelous program for everything they did.

    It made me sad to see the place deteriorate and end up demolished. While I was there, Latino Family Services (now across the street) had started their excellent community services programs on the third floor of the building and there was a child care center open to the community on the second floor across the center hallway from the maternity residential program. There was also a full-service jr/sr high school program set up on the ground floor for both residents and non-residents alike as well as medical facilities.

    Sorry for the loooooong comment, but I just felt like sharing the bit I know about the place that had such a positive impact on a very scared kid back then.

  • Navi – no shit ! I guess they were only abating it for demolition. Better than it being abandoned I guess.

  • There’s about 20% of that YMCA building left now…they sure had plans for it.