now with even more funk !

Michigan Central Station seen from the new Bagley Bridge.

Look at some of the beautiful little roof trees sprouting up on top of MCS !

Roosevelt Warehouse

Honey Bee supermarket – best market in Detroit.

The former 3rd precinct – soon to be the new location of 555 gallery…… ?

Doesn’t look like anybody is in here just yet.

4 Responses to Summer in SouthWest

  • i like going down there with my lovies, having egg and chorizo burritos, watching trains pass by infront of the depot……what could be better?

  • Honey Bee is the BEST market in the city! Their fresh produce, high quality meats & low prices make this place a gem! I loved it before it was expanded, but now it’s even bigger & better. I love going there in the summer with my tacos from my favorite taquería (taco truck)& eating them @ the tables outside of Honey Bee. The joys of summer in the ‘D!

  • The Honey Bee is the only place I have ever found in my travels, where you can buy smoked, whole, Chipotle Peppers. Just have to watch it when you grind them – dont touch your eyes, mouth or nose area afterwards!

  • The Bee has the best guacamole in Detroit! I’m there at least once a week just for that :)

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