not all those who wander are lost

St. Stanislaus, anchor of the former Stanislaus District. This was one of the original Polish settled areas, long before Hamtramck became known for its Polish population.

Designed and built by Harry J. Rill (also designed Detroit Cornice and Slate building, current home of Metro Times) between 1911-1913.

This complex still houses a school, and the church building is home to “Promise Land” which runs a battered womens shelter.

The Detroit Roman Catholic archdiocese sold St. Stani in 1989.

Closer examination reveals why it is so hard to save some of these gorgeous old buildings, millions of dollars worth of facade repairs…

The rectory offices are totally blown out, I dont know if this is even in use anymore.

Rear view of the sanctuary

Heres the primary stained glass piece from the exterior (inverted)

Much of the glass is falling to pieces

Once the anchor of a proud Polish neighborhood, St. Stani is now just another icon of decay.

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