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St. Josaphat

Congregation goes back to late C19, one of the original Polish cornerstone churches in the old neighborhood.

St Josaphat appears in the background of the photo of John Lee Hooker on his first album as he walks up what used to be Hastings Street.

Lets take a look inside:

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  • Wow.. Love these shots.

  • well im a stoner
    i’m ‘impressed by simple things :)

  • Hastings Street is prominently mentioned in most of Donald Goines novels. Appears to have been the spot for Black night life in the late 50’s early 60’s.


  • “Do you have any idea of what that army of god battle scene is from?”

    According to the elder at the church, it is WWI- Poland fighting the Russians. I love the “army of god” thing – what a crazy fresco for a church !

    Nailhed – yeah, I havent done the “RenCen/Josaphat” photograph. Thats so played out anyway.

  • WOW! This church is in incredible condition, unlike many of its Detroit contemporaries! Thanks for some more beautiful shots of history.

  • “talkin bout the D, talkin bout John Lee…”

    dude! you dont have a pic of the weird I-75 alignment thing with Josephat & the RenCen…!

  • One of my all time favorite churches!! You always manage to capture the angels in the architecture :-)

  • Beautiful shots. Do you have any idea of what that army of god battle scene is from? It looks like WWI, maybe WWII Russian front. But I would guess it has some Polish history.

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Glad to know that some things are still intact!