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Here are just a few of the amazing things on the interiors of Cathedral of St. Anthony. This angel is one of the murals – I do not know the artist yet, but it looks quite a bit like Ezra Winter’s work.

The “Eye of God”, this particular rosette created by the Detroit firm Friedrichs and Wolfrum.

Stained glass can be tricky to photograph, so these are from several angles, and sometimes with fill flash to get the imagery on the glass lit up, combined with the natural backlighting. I have to get here early to catch the most ideal lighting, as the sun shines from the main rosette right down to the front alter.

This is one of two side alters.

The Stations of the Cross relief sculptures are quite powerful, imported from Germany.

Back to Opus 8055 here, the church organ. The church is looking to hire an organist who can play a two tier plus pedal board organ and of course read and be familiar with religious music. Somebody who can also sing, even better. Takes a sharp musician to pull this off, I know, but hopefully somebody knows a person out there who is looking for a Sunday gig.

For more details on this position, just call the church at 313.926.6445

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