not all those who wander are lost

Ahhhhh….Spring in the City. Still some cold weather and bits of snow to deal with, but its starting to warm up in these parts finally.

Hmmm… Maybe a little spring cleaning might be in order ?

Heres a charming little death trap for the kiddies to play around – a burned down house foundation with an exposed basement. Filled with water that is just soaked in whatever the structure was made of. Mmmmmmmm….Biohazzard.

And AGAIN – notice that this burnt crispy sits right in front of a fire hydrant.

“Johns, Please keep your hoes off our block”


Exposed live power lines hanging from a utility pole ? Better put a little bit of plastic warning tape on that.

There – all better !

10 Responses to Spring in the City

  • If these pictures were shown on CNN the incopentant people of Detroit would talk about somebody was bashing Detroit. Well, it appears they ave already bashed the place…

  • Thanks for posting this! Detroit is soul beautiful.

  • and as always, thanks to you and everybody else who reads the site melvoir !

    the Pure Detroit “Detroit Funk” shirts are not affiliated with, but it is pretty darn funny. Theres photos of those shirts through the years here on the site, usually from festival stands.

    Like this one:

  • great pics as always and i was in pure detroits’ store today – terriffic detroit funk shirts ! i think i’ll go back and buy one next week

  • Think one of the “hoes” lost that shoe? LOL

  • I’d like to see the list of calls to the Mayor’s office about this HOT MESS! I’m sure the neighbor’s aren’t happy about it and will be livid once the stench takes over in July and August.

  • Aww, c’mon! Thats just a lap pool fo da hoes…

  • slowly but surely the trees are making a comeback and will some day takeback the city.

  • Ugh, hurry up foliage!

  • Dude! Talk about blown out, I thought you were posting pictures from the future where humanity has all but dissapeared. Sad really.

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