not all those who wander are lost

Heres an abandoned medical clinic on West Jefferson in South West Detroit. I havent been through this thing in maybe 5 years or so. Doesnt look any worse, it was pretty bad then too. The graffiti was pretty damn good back then however, so maybe Ill dig up the set I shot when I was here last.

There was some really sophisticated paintings on the roof last time, but I was here in the snow so I wasnt climbing up on any buildings this day.

2 Responses to South West Clinic

  • I wonder if the Romans looked around and imagined that the barbarians would one day piss on the walls of the Temple of Hercules Victor?

    Perhaps we are too secure in our belief that modern progress is invincible. Perhaps all shall soon go the way of Detroit, and of Roma Aeterna.

  • I wonder if the medical professionals who worked here back when it was running, ever imagined the place would one day look like this.

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