not all those who wander are lost

Taking some time to thank some of the great businesses that help make Detroit the amazing place that it is, both large and small.

There are many more than I can possibly list here, so this is a mere sample.

Slow’s BBQ, Corktown.

Restaurant’s are the second largest private employer in the United States of America, and they will need to be preserved in order to get things going again. Keep these people in your prayers, restaurant work can be literally back breaking, and often for not nearly enough money.

Remember when this was an abandoned building ? These folks brought this whole area back to life with their special BBQ magic.

Tin Roof – remember when this was an abandoned building ? Now it is a jewel in the heart of the Stadium District.

The Detroiter Bar, Bricktown.

Cork & Gabel, Corktown.

GOOGLE, The District.

DETROIT BARBERS, Barber Shop & Brand, Corktown. If you are somebody lucky enough to have hair (I am not lol) and frequent this or another shop – DO NOT forget your people !

Check out this link for a way to help these fine professionals:


Welcome to Hockeytown, The District.

Gaelic League Irish American Club. If you are all or part Irish like I am, this is a very special place. The heart of Corktown.

Let’s not forget McShane’s Irish Pub and Whiskey Bar, Corktown.

The stunning and iconic Elwood Bar and Grill – an absolute museum piece of Art Deco architecture.

Nemo’s Bar in Corktown

Lou’s Deli, 8220 West McNichols. Some of the most amazing eateries are in the far flung neighborhoods of the City. Downtown, Greektown, Midtown and Corktown are all fun, kickass areas – but don’t forget about the multitudes of little spots that you can find all over the neighborhoods. I guarantee you will meet some of the nicest people you have ever met in these tiny places.

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