now with even more funk !

Well its Christmas again – we all know what that means. Inflatable Spongebob Squarepants dressed as Santa Clause…… really:


How about a snowman for AIW of InternationalMetropolis since hes up there in the Great White North, eh ? (yeah, I know hes actually south of Detroit..)

How about this cool Tigger the Tiger for Nailhed Raven ? If you ever seen that kid climb you’d understand why.

harlequin doll for ToyBreaker

And how about Madeline for Sabra, cause shes the cool sophisticated chick..

A nice Charlie Brown for Charlie, cause I think hes still bummed out that I broke up the band.

Ooo – and that cool white Unicorn for Urban Tiki because he is such the naive dreamer. (Although you were spot on about Obama, brother)

A fat happy Santa for Mrs. dFUNK because without her I’d be nothing.

The classic Brown Bear for all my buds at NorthvilleTunnels – especially Syd Barrett who sent me the most amazing DVD documentary he made. (I’ll be hitting you back for that, for sure!)

A green frog for Notathemepark – cause the guy is really a prince in disguise.

And of course the wise and all knowing owl for my dear Gilda, a person for whom I lack proper words with which to express my constant and undying gratitude.

A speak and spell for myself – so I can friggin’ learn how to both speak AND spell.

A nice Bratz doll for those crazy Leather Jackets.

And for everyone I left out, and for all my international friends like Andy Downunder – just grab one from the pile !

For all my Jewish friends – a blessed Chanukah to you folks. [and please pardon our crazy christmas rituals]

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