not all those who wander are lost

Sixes and Sevens today…..Taking a spin down 7 Mile Road and also McNichols – which is roughly at the 6 mile mark in some places. (the “mile road system” is measured from the center of Campus Martius in downtown Detroit, all the way out to the 30+ mile roads in the northern suburbs. Each latitudinal running road being platted one mile apart from the next)

These little jems are along McNichols

Sure looks like somebody burgled the alarm, doesnt it ?

“INDUSTRY” on the left and “COMMERCE” on the right. Back before banks reared up to become everybodys overlord.

The New Billy G’s BAR AND GRILL

Hmmm… Well, the bar is indeed grilled – thats for sure.

And then up on 7 Mile Road, we have this fine night club…

[eastside al adds: “The bar pictured in the bottom photos is the once locally famous Turtle Soup Inn”]

Which also has a “grilled bar”.

Carry out window


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