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A flurry of activity at the Packard Plant today, as a hasty attempt is made to secure the perimeter of the north side with plywood panels.

Interestingly enough, I also catch wind of this bad smell today; the alleged owners are selling the chopped Banksy wall on eBay…….

Here is the eBay listing for the Banksy that was chopped off the building by a demolition company that claims to work for somebody who claims to be the owner – note the way the people who own this mess describe their property:



Canary in a Cage

This piece of Bansky art features a yellow canary inside of a cage. The cage hangs from a tall floor stand. It was painted on a wall in the old Packard plant in Detroit, Michigan. The last picture shows a few cats that were painted on the wall, after the canary was removed. It’s as if they are looking for the bird that used to be there.

This piece is featured on Banksy’s website.

Bansky Background: He’s a mysterious, clever, sometimes humorous, and ironic street artist from England. He’s said to be in his 30’s and possibly named Robin Guggenheim. One of the signs on his website proclaims, “guess you could say I’m in outside sales”. He has produced many pieces all over the world, and interest in his work is growing by the day. While in the U.S. for Sundance, he visited Detroit and produced several pieces. Some are verified on his website, and others are believed to be his work. If nothing else he has surely made a name for himself in Detroit, and we’re glad to provide some landscape for his genius!

Packard Plant History: For those of you not familiar with it, from 1899 to the mid 1950’s the Packard Plant produced initially high-priced luxury American cars and finally the no-series-name Packard. This plant has a lot of history in the American auto industry. It’s an excellent example of the reason Detroit is/was called the Motor City. Today the plant is considered the largest abandoned industrial site in the country. It is a massive 40 acres of industrial space, and it’s basically open for thieves, scrappers, squatters, urbanists and graffiti artists to frequent.

Condition of Piece: It was packed with spray foam before removing, to ensure no cracks were made in the block. It is in the condition it was originally created.


Measurements: This piece measures approximately 8′ tall x 4′ wide and weighs approximately 1800 lbs.

This is a one-of-a-kind Banksy original from Detroit, MI.

Please feel free to send any questions or concerns that you may have prior to bidding.

Reserve Price will Not Be Disclosed.

Good Luck!
Thanks for looking, and please feel free to email any questions.

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