not all those who wander are lost

The Screw Factory finally bites the dust.

The big machines blocked off Atwater and let the remaining side have it.

Is my old friend the Soup Kitchen Saloon next on the chopping block ??

“The sound of buildings being scraped clean was heard for miles…”

Downtown is all hazy strange, after a weekend of pounding snow we now have 50’s (f) and rain. Makes for a smudgy atmosphere to say the least.

This is the day after the freak-ass snow storm finished. 60s (f) and beautiful outside.

The Moore house is getting a new lid – heres the progress. Myself, I will miss the Moore house in the fall when its beard of leafy vines turned colors.

The goldenarches aint the same in the burbs as it is in the City. Look how fake this place looks.

Man down !

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